The nature and structure of crumpets [research studies]

Remarkably, given the extensive scientific literature on bread-making, there is very little recorded research on crumpet-making. If you’re not familiar with the crumpet, here is an introduction from one of the few formal crumpet studies, performed by Professor Pyle of Reading University, UK, c. 2005. “Crumpets are, it seems, a particularly British product. They are […]

The quest for the most spherical bubble

This study tells of progress in the quest for the most spherical bubble: “The quest for the most spherical bubble: experimental setup and data overview,” Danail Obreschkow, Marc Tinguely, Nicolas Dorsaz, Philippe Kobel, Aurele de Bosset, Mohamed Farhat, Experiments in Fluids, April 2013, 54:1503. (Thanks to investigator Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.) […]

Austrian Trumpet Bubbles (study)

Christoph Reuter, Univ.-Prof. Dr. (of the Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Universität Wien, Austria) has not only investigated the Psychoacoustics of Chalkboard Squeaking, he’s also associated with a unique experiment which looked at ‘stabile Seifenblase am Schalltrichter der Trompete’  [trumpet with robust soap bubble at the bell] which is shown here in this video : NOTE: Improbable […]