A multi-aperture pinhole camera using a biscuit [study]

Dr Patrick Cabe who is a member of the emeritus faculty at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Department of Psychology, is the first to describe how to make a fully functional multi-aperture pinhole camera using a biscuit [‘cracker’ US].

Dr Cabe engaged in a practical demonstration of his camera to (indirectly) view the 2017 solar eclipse.

“To make a viewer for the 2017 eclipse, I cut a hole (approximately 3cm square) in the end of a box (roughly, 60cm long x 38cm x 38cm; dimensions are not critical to effective operation). Over the hole, I taped a snack biscuit (U.S.: cracker), which had a series of holes punched in it. Holes measured approximately 0.8mm in diameter, arranged in a grid with approximately 1cm spacing.”

See: Multi-Image Pinhole Viewer Using a Biscuit in the journal Perception, Volume: 47 issue: 1, 2018, page(s): 112-114.

Note: The brand of biscuit used was left unspecified in the article.

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