The dead are rising up against their national leaders

Led by Ig Nobel Prize winner Lal Bihari, the dead are rising up against their national leaders. Here’s a look back at notable happenings in 2019. The Times of India reported, on January 19, 2019: In Varanasi, ‘living dead’ to contest against PM Modi If Prime Minister Narendra Modi decides to contest the upcoming Lok […]

Associations: Financial Analysts’ Beauty and their Performance [new study]

Looking for advice on your investment portfolio? If so, you might be able to gain an advantage by making sure that your financial advisor is (generally considered to be) physically ‘attractive’. According to a new study published in the journal Management Science, they tend to give better advice than their less alluring colleagues. “In this […]

Podcast #11: The Knight of the Living Dead

The Association of Dead People figures heavily in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. LISTEN on or iTunes (or DOWNLOAD it, and listen later). SUBSCRIBE on or iTunes, to get a new episode every week, free. This week, Marc Abrahams tells about: The Knight of the Living Dead. (The Association of Dead People / Lal Bihari / court document / a parade of the dead / CORRECTION: in the podcast, we mis-identify the category of […]