Associations: Financial Analysts’ Beauty and their Performance [new study]

Looking for advice on your investment portfolio? If so, you might be able to gain an advantage by making sure that your financial advisor is (generally considered to be) physically ‘attractive’. According to a new study published in the journal Management Science, they tend to give better advice than their less alluring colleagues.

“In this study, we examine the effect of financial analysts’ physical attractiveness on their forecast performance. We find that more attractive analysts produce more accurate earnings forecasts and more informative stock recommendations.”

For full details, see : Analysts’ Beauty and Performance in Management Science.

Note: Sadly, there are no photographs of ‘attractive’ (or ‘unattractive’) financial advisors in the paper, so instead, we illustrate with the cover of Financial Advisor Magazine, Jan. 2017, (which is not connected with the study above).

Research research: Martin Gardiner