How Much Older Do You Get When a Wrinkle Appears on Your Face? [study]

“In spite of the presumed relevance of wrinkles on facial age, the topic has received little attention in empirical literature.” Prompting J.Antonio Aznar-Casanova (University of Barcelona, Spain) along with Nelson Alves (Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil) and Sérgio S Fukusima (University of São Paulo, Brazil) to perform a set of two experiments to help clarify […]

Why Are Bird Eggs Bird-Egg-Shaped? [New research from an Ig Nobellian]

Mahadevan, who won an Ig Nobel Physics Prize in 2007 for studying how/why wrinkled sheets become wrinkled, has a new study out about how/why bird eggs become bird-egg shaped. The study, by Mahadevan and several collaborators, is: “Avian Egg Shape: Form, Function, and Evolution,” Mary Caswell Stoddard, Ee Hou Yong, Derya Akkaynak, Catherine Sheard, Joseph […]

‘Spock,’ ‘Joker,’ & ‘Mephisto’ eyebrows – avoidance techniques for aesthetic surgeons

Aesthetic surgeons in the business of facial wrinkle reduction have noted that if one weakens the glabella muscle with injections of AbobotulinumtoxinA without also weakening the frontalis muscle, unwanted side effects can occur. Known in the trade as ‘Spock,’ ‘Joker,’ or ‘Mephisto’ eyebrows. These side effects can be avoided by also injecting the fontalis muscle […]

Another wrinkle in the wrinkled-fingers investigation

A new German study snaps its fingers, metaphorically, at recent studies of human finger-wrinkling: Finger Wrinkling (2014, not gripping) “Water-Induced Finger Wrinkles Do Not Affect Touch Acuity or Dexterity in Handling Wet Objects,” Julia Haseleu, Damir Omerbašić equal,  Henning Frenzel, Manfred Gross, Gary R. Lewin, PLoS ONE, 9(1), 2014, e84949. (Thanks to Achim Reinsdorf for […]

Emotional Gauging of Students via Forehead Wrinkle Extraction

It’s not always easy to gauge whether students have understood lesson content (or not). Perhaps an automated measuring system could be devised – measuring their forehead wrinkles for example? At least two scholarly texts are available for those interested in the possibilities offered by forehead wrinkle evaluation in the classroom. The first is provided by […]