How Much Older Do You Get When a Wrinkle Appears on Your Face? [study]

“In spite of the presumed relevance of wrinkles on facial age, the topic has received little attention in empirical literature.” Prompting J.Antonio Aznar-Casanova (University of Barcelona, Spain) along with Nelson Alves (Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil) and Sérgio S Fukusima (University of São Paulo, Brazil) to perform a set of two experiments to help clarify […]

Mean Age of Death (MAD) of Russian academic researchers [study]

Are you a professional researcher engaged in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, economics, medicine or biology? Are you Russian? Are you a man? Would you like to know your (likely) mean age of death (MAD)? If so, look no further than the journal Seriya 16. Biologiya. 2016;(4):12-18. (in Russian). Where you will find details […]

“Inappropriate”: Old vs. young vs. differing senses of humor

This study documents a great lesson of some sort that was sought and perhaps learned: “Age-related differences in judgments of inappropriate behavior are related to humor style preferences,” Jennifer Tehan Stanley, Monika Lohani, Derek M. Isaacowitz, Psychology and Aging, Vol 29(3), Sep 2014, 528-541. (Thanks to investigator Erwn Kompanjie for bringing this to our attention.) The authors […]

Somewhat baffling companion-animal patent apps

These two graphics are from a patent application we find mildly baffling. Titled “METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE BIOLOGICAL AGE OF A COMPANION ANIMAL,” US patent application #12/395,924 was filed on March 2, 2009 to inventors Allan John Lepine [pictured here], Dennis Richard Ditmer, Lori Lee Halsey and John Russell Burr. The description is brief (the […]

Relative Finger Length and Age at First Marriage in Semi-Nomadic People

Here’s further evidence that Relative Finger Length sheds light on practically everything: “The Second to Fourth Digit Ratio and Age at First Marriage in Semi-Nomadic People from Namibia,” Piotr Sorokowski, Agnieszka Sorokowska, Dariusz Danel, Mara L. Mberira and Leszek Pokrywka, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 41, Number 3, 2012, pp. 703-710.