Mean Age of Death (MAD) of Russian academic researchers [study]

Are you a professional researcher engaged in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, economics, medicine or biology? Are you Russian? Are you a man? Would you like to know your (likely) mean age of death (MAD)? If so, look no further than the journal Seriya 16. Biologiya. 2016;(4):12-18. (in Russian). Where you will find details of a research project by Anisimov V.N [pictured] and Zharinov G.M., who, between them, investigated the MAD of 54256 men engaged professionally in research work in various disciplines.

Finding that economists lived to 74.6 ± 0.26 years – about 4 years longer than mathematicians. Reasons for the differences are as yet unexplained.

See: Anisimov V.N., Zharinov G.M. MEAN AGE OF DEATH AND LONGEVITY OF MALE SCHOLARS OF DIFFERENT SPECIALTIES. Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya 16. Biologiya. 2016;(4):12-18. (In Russ.)