Wealth Inequality Among Snails

The economics of snails—specifically, what one might call “the economics of the shell game”—gets some data and hard thought in a new study. “A Comparison of Wealth Inequality in Humans and Non-Humans,” Ivan D. Chase, Raphael Douady, and Dianna K. Padilla, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019, 122962. The authors, at Stony Brook […]

The Wealthy Invite Richer Biodiversity in Bedroom and Basement

If you’re rich, you probably get to have lots more kinds of things living in your bedroom and basement, suggests this new study. The study is: “Exoskeletons and economics: indoor arthropod diversity increases in affluent neighbourhoods,” Misha Leong [pictured here], Matthew A. Bertone, Keith M. Bayless, Robert R. Dunn, Michelle D. Trautwein, Biology Letters, August […]