The Man Behind the Wealthy Dentist

 Jim Du Molin [pictured here] runs a web site called The Wealthy Dentist, and a Wealthy Dentist blog, and also the Wealthy Dentist University.

Jim Du Molin is eager to speak to dental groups, for a fee. Among the things he will talk to them about (for a fee) are:

  • How to determine your top high-value new patients and calculate your Return-On-Investment (ROI) on each one.
  • Learn the four critical steps in closing high-value patients How to use the radio to drive a steady stream of of high-value patients to your practice.
  • When and how to get other doctors and health care professionals to refer their high-value patients to you.

If you want Jim Du Molin to come speak to a group of dentists, he wants you to first be aware of these ground rules:

Jim Du Molin speaks for a fee. Please read the following points carefully before requesting Jim’s speaking agreement or calling our office:

Jim has two fee schedules – based on your organization’s attitude about dental speakers promoting their products from the stage.

1. For organizations who frown, disapprove of, or discourage speakers from promoting their services or products from the stage, Jim’s rate is $10,225 a day.

2. For organizations that will allow speakers to promote their services and products in a tasteful, non-confrontational and mannerly way, the fee is $4,500 a day. This includes a sales table in the back of the room where doctors can view samples and place orders.

Jim Du Molin has his own compelling personal story, which he shares in print on his web site.

BONUS: Jim Du Molin wants you to know that he recommends books.