Meat-Weight Assessment of Washing-Machine-Washed EpiPens

(1) Loading some EpiPens (the little injection devices many people use to treat a bad allergic reaction) into washing machines, and then (2) washing them, and then (3) firing those washing-machine-washed EpiPens into hunks of meat was the basis for an experiment. Details are in the study: “The Effects of Washing on EpiPen Epinephrine Auto-injector […]

Evolution of Complexes from LEGO™ Bricks in a Washing Machine

“Evolution of Complexes from LEGO™ Bricks in a Washing Machine“, by Ingo Althöfer, appears in the special Cloning & Evolution issue of the Annals of Improbable Research. (The article is also online.) It begins: Disclaimers: This work has not been supported by the LEGO Group or any other brick toy company This work has not been sponsored […]

Europe’s walking washing machines

For many years, Europe’s washing machines tended to walk across a room, while America’s did not. Daniel Conrad and Werner Soedel explained why, in a study called On the Problem of Oscillatory Walk of Automatic Washing Machines. Their explanation was recognised by authority figures for its power to inspire youths. Conrad and Soedel, based at […]