Canine Co-leadership Actorhood in Organizations [dog study]

“Dogs are mostly ignored by organization theory despite the existence of a rich literature on human–animal studies that helps theoretical extension in the direction of organization studies.” Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha [pictured] along with colleagues Arménio Rego and Iain Munro show : “why and to what extent dogs are important actors in the lives […]

Pocket-Sized #1003: “Dogs’ Favorite Garbage”

Dogs’ Favorite Garbage In this Pocket-Sized episode #1003, Marc Abrahams shows an unfamiliar research study to Melissa Franklin. Dramatic readings and reactions ensue. The research mentioned in this episode is featured in the special Blushing issue (vol. 19, #2) of the Annals of Improbable Research magazine. Remember, our Patreon donors, on most levels, get access to each podcast episode […]

Podcast Episode #206: “Flatulence in Dogs”

Flatulence in Dogs, the Real-Life Wizard of Oz, Triskadekaphobia When People Buy a House, Boys Will Be Boys, Why Your Doctor Should Smell, Soft is Hard, You Bastard, and Personal Space at the Beach. In episode #206, Marc Abrahams shows some unfamiliar research studies to Nicole Sharp, Robin Abrahams, Melissa Franklin, Chris Cotsapas, Jean Berko […]

Dog Nose-Tip Temperature Dynamics and Distant-Heat Sensing Ability

“Why do dogs have cold noses?” wonder many humans who, most of them, have warmer noses than dogs have. Here are two research studies by Ronald H.H. Kroger and colleagues, that sniffed into the question and may have found some answers. Dog Nose-Tip Distant-Heat Sensing Ability? “Dogs Can Sense Weak Thermal Radiation,” Anna Bálint, Attila […]

Dog-to-dog technology-mediated interactions [new study]

Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, and specializes (amongst other things) “in building animal-driven technologies to explore what it means to interact as an animal (a non-human one) and how as system designers we can support this interaction.” She points out that : “As a […]

Do small dogs urinate dishonestly? [research study]

The height of dogged dishonesty or honesty, when dogs urinate, gets analyzed in this new study: “Urine Marking in Male Domestic Dogs: Honest or Dishonest?” B. McGuire [pictured here],  B. Olsen,  K.E. Bemis, and  D. Orantes, Journal of Zoology, epub 2018. The authors, at Cornell University, explain: Via two studies, we tested the hypothesis that […]

Neuromarketing for dogs

Developing successful products aimed at dogs might not always be as straightforward as it may seem : “Because dogs cannot speak, traditional behavioral methods may be inadequate to reveal what dogs like or dislike.” But, according to the website of Dog Star Technologies LLC, newly developed methods involving fMRI scanning (combined with machine-learning algorithms) might […]