“Evidence to suggest” suggestive behavior in nightclubs

This study required keep, persistent observatory behavior (or behaviour) on the part of the researchers: “Evidence to suggest that nightclubs function as human sexual display grounds,” Colin A. Hendrie [pictured here], Helena D. Mannion and Georgina K. Godfrey, Behaviour, vol. 146, 2009, pp. 1331-1348. (Thanks to Neil Martin for bringing this to our attention.) The […]

Son of a Beech?

Sexual reproduction of beeches is the subject of surprisingly few studies. Here is one of the few: “Natural interspecific hybridization between sexual and apogamous species of the beech fern genus Phegopteris Fée,” Gerald A. Mulligan, Lionel Cinq-Mars, William J. Cody, Canadian Journal of Botany, 1972, 50(6): 1295-1300. BONUS: Phegoperis Fée

Lingua Frankly: A Bevy of Italian Linguists Validate the Female Sexual Function Index

Teamwork pays off in this painstaking linguistic journey through a chunk of medical literature: “The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI): Linguistic Validation of the Italian Version,” Maria Teresa Filocamo MD1, Maurizio Serati MD2,*, Vincenzo Li Marzi MD3, Elisabetta Costantini MD4, Martina Milanesi MD3, Amelia Pietropaolo MD4, Patrizio Polledro MD1, Barbara Gentile MD5, Serena Maruccia MD6, […]

Academic Study of a Young Man’s Sexual Attraction to Human Gas

Professor Mark D. Griffiths [pictured here] of Nottingham Trent University has published a remarkable new study. Here’s how we know this study is remarkable:  The university’s press office sent copies of it to many prominent science journalists, remarking that (1) “It’s the world’s first paper on eproctophilia – sexual arousal from flatulence” and (2) “Professor Griffiths would […]