Klunk: Imperfect Synchrony in Animal Displays—Leadership?

Klunk and colleagues have, perhaps, taken the lead in assessing imperfect synchrony in animal displays. There is much to ponder in their new study: “Imperfect Synchrony in Animal Displays: Why Does It Occur and What Is the True Role of Leadership?” Daniela M. Perez, Cristian L. Klunk, and Sabrina B.L. Araujo, Philosophical Transactions of the […]

Headless mannequins – good for business (or not)?

Mannequins in shop windows – should they have heads, or shouldn’t they? And what about mannequins displayed online? From a retailer’s point of view, the question of whether to use headed or headless mannequins is a complex one – or rather, the answers are complex. And now, for the first time, such answers can be […]

“Evidence to suggest” suggestive behavior in nightclubs

This study required keep, persistent observatory behavior (or behaviour) on the part of the researchers: “Evidence to suggest that nightclubs function as human sexual display grounds,” Colin A. Hendrie [pictured here], Helena D. Mannion and Georgina K. Godfrey, Behaviour, vol. 146, 2009, pp. 1331-1348. (Thanks to Neil Martin for bringing this to our attention.) The […]

Inventing an Artificial Banana (reconfigurable)

Sometimes, if one were to purchase an artificial-fruit display (for example featuring bananas) one may eventually become frustrated – in the sense that the display is not easily re-configured. Thus, one may be left with just one expensive option. “Currently, the only way to vary the configuration or display of artificial fruit is to purchase […]