Inventing an Artificial Banana (reconfigurable)

Sometimes, if one were to purchase an artificial-fruit display (for example featuring bananas) one may eventually become frustrated – in the sense that the display is not easily re-configured. Thus, one may be left with just one expensive option.

“Currently, the only way to vary the configuration or display of artificial fruit is to purchase the newly desired configuration.”


That was, at least, until the arrival of the ‘ARTIFICIAL FRUIT APPARATUS’ [their caps] invented by Judith J. Miller, of Saint John, Kansas, US, to whom a patent (US 7947344 B2) was issued on May 24, 2011.

“An artificial banana apparatus according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a plurality of artificial banana bodies, each artificial banana body being elongate and curved, each artificial banana body having a stem end and an opposed tip, and each stem end having a channel. The banana apparatus includes a plurality of elongate stems, each stem having a first end telescopically received in a respective channel to allow a length of the stem outside said artificial banana body to be adjusted, each stem having a second end with a magnetic element. The apparatus includes a stem hub having at least one magnetic element complementary to the stem magnetic elements to removably couple the stems to the stem hub, the stem hub having at least two rows of sockets complementary to the stem second ends to receive the stem second ends in at least two rows.”

The drawing above depicts a single artificial banana. Below is a bunch.