Ig Nobel winner (Chickens Prefer Beautiful Winners) on dog breeds

BiblioChile reports on a new paper by Ig Nobel Prize winner (“Chickens Prefer Beautiful People“) Stefano Ghirlanda. Here’s an auto-translation of the beginning of that report: How dogs movies have influenced the alteration dog breeds in the world “Chickens prefer the pretty people” headlined an amazing scientific study published in 2002. At work, led by […]

Strange: On the smell of Composition C-4

Strange and colleagues offer discouraging news in the hunt for a substitute for a mysterious substance: “On the Smell of Composition C-4,” William Kranz, Kelley Kitts, Nicholas Strange [pictured here —Nick Strange  is now a graduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville], Joshua Cummins, Erica Lotspeich, John Goodpaster, Forensic Science International, epub December 24, […]

Dog excretion accretion as indicator of Earth’s magnetic field

This study gathered and assessed evidence of the possible effects of the Earth’s magnetic field on the tangible output of dogs: “Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field,” Vlastimil Hart [pictured here], Petra Nováková, Erich Pascal Malkemper, Sabine Begall, Vladimír Hanzal, Milo¿ Je¿ek, Tomá¿ Ku¿ta, Veronika N¿mcová, Jana Adámková, Kate¿ina Benediktová, […]

Chihuahuas – are they, in fact, bonsai wolves?

David Redmalm, ABD, who is a PhD Student in Sociology at Örebro University, Sweden, and who specializes in the implications of pet-keeping, presents his paper ‘Holy bonsai wolves: Chihuahuas and the Paris Hilton syndrome’ in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, January 2014 vol. 17 no. 1, pp. 93-109. “[…] The article argues that the Chihuahua […]

Slobodchikoff on the imminence of cross-species chit-chatter

A mere eleven years after the inventors of Bow-Lingual were awarded the Ig Noble Peace Prize, Con Slobodchikoff, professor emeritus at Arizona State University and President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., explains how near we are to having computer-aided communications with some animals. Megan Garber interviewed Slobodchikoff for The Atlantic. Here’s a bit of that interview: […]