Meat-Weight Assessment of Washing-Machine-Washed EpiPens

(1) Loading some EpiPens (the little injection devices many people use to treat a bad allergic reaction) into washing machines, and then (2) washing them, and then (3) firing those washing-machine-washed EpiPens into hunks of meat was the basis for an experiment. Details are in the study: “The Effects of Washing on EpiPen Epinephrine Auto-injector […]

(Self-tested!) Intravenous garlic juice herpes treatment (new patent)

Inventor Behnam Azizkhani describes a newly patented (US 9,089,597) medical treatment (for herpes and other conditions) involving intravenous diluted garlic juice injections – which were self-tested. The patent includes this compelling technical drawing; the inventor is represented, graphically, as the bottommost element of the drawing: Please note: Improbable strongly recommends that interested parties should consult qualified […]