Associations : Ultra Violet Radiation and the number of days it takes to get a misaddressed letter back (new study)

Can the level of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV-R) in your environment affect the number of days it takes to get a misaddressed letter returned to the sender*? Or the degree to which a country’s laws protect private property rights? A new study in the journal KYKLOS examines the effects of sunlight on such indicators of […]

Fracking and Sexually Transmitted Disease [public health study]

Of all the criticisms aimed at fracking, charges that it might increase the incidence of STDs – specifically gonorrhea – are seldom heard. Yet there might be a link – according to a new research paper published in the Journal of Public Health Policy. “We analyzed one potential cost to communities, the effect of fracking […]

(Self-tested!) Intravenous garlic juice herpes treatment (new patent)

Inventor Behnam Azizkhani describes a newly patented (US 9,089,597) medical treatment (for herpes and other conditions) involving intravenous diluted garlic juice injections – which were self-tested. The patent includes this compelling technical drawing; the inventor is represented, graphically, as the bottommost element of the drawing: Please note: Improbable strongly recommends that interested parties should consult qualified […]