Associations : Ultra Violet Radiation and the number of days it takes to get a misaddressed letter back (new study)

Can the level of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV-R) in your environment affect the number of days it takes to get a misaddressed letter returned to the sender*? Or the degree to which a country’s laws protect private property rights? A new study in the journal KYKLOS examines the effects of sunlight on such indicators of […]

Radioactive instant noodles (probably no cause for alarm)

“Radioactivity is invisible, tasteless and not mentioned on food labels” – a phrase that applies, perhaps just as much as with any other food, to instant noodles. Enthusiasts of which might have noticed that radiation levels are rarely, if ever, stated on the packaging. This fact has not escaped the attention of Professor Ali Abid […]

A broad look at clownfish radiation

The clamoring for information about clownfish radiation may never be fully satisfied. This report, though, attempts to supply some of what’s desired: “The radiation of the clownfishes has two geographical replicates,” Glenn Litsios, Peter B. Pearman, Déborah Lanterbecq, Nathalie Tolou and Nicolas Salamin, Journal of Biogeography, epub July 7, 2014. (Thanks to investigator Tom Gill […]

Introducing the Terahertz Egg, with water imprinting (new patent)

On March 5th 2013 the US patent office issued  a patent centered around the enigmatic concept of “imprinting” water. More specifically : “The present invention provides a method for imprinting water so as to emit Terahertz radiation and a method for maintaining the freshness of foodstuff with an article containing the imprinted water.“ [For comprehensive […]

Beards and moustaches – the health benefits

An excess of electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet waveband can cause severe damage to skin cells and their DNA. Fortunately, various natural protection mechanisms exist, but until recently, one has been almost entirely overlooked in the dosimetric literature. New details are revealed in the latest (July 2012) edition of the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry, which […]