Drinking tears (the case of the butterfly and the girl)

Kees Moeliker reports a well-known—but seldom noticed by humans—butterfly behavior: drinking human tears. Here is a machine-translation into English of his report in the September 22, 2020 issue of the Dutch newspaper NRC: ——— Drinking tears While on holiday in the Alps, a butterfly feasts on the eye fluid of Kees Moeliker’s daughter The splendor […]

Does a herdsman-jilted llama shed tears? [research study]

“Sexual relations between shepherds and the members of their flocks have existed for millennia, leading to the development of a certain type of love between them. The female llama, a ruminant related to the camel, is said by the local people in the Andean high plateau to weep with tears of jealousy when the herdsman […]

Why does wine cry?

Invoking the interaction of differing surface tensions, Dan Quinn answers the question “Why Does Wine Cry”: (HT Aatish Bhatia) BONUS (unrelated, except in that it does involve both wine and crying, and someone who is interested in physics): Video of 22-year-old physics student Daniel Murphy from Dublin crying wine: BONUS (unrelated): Bobbejaan performs the song […]