Commercializing the Prize-winning Egg-Unboiling Machine

“Graphene company partners with university to commercialise egg-unboiling machine” is the headline on a Phys.Org report about the Ig Nobel Prize-winning invention. The report says: “Technology capable of producing high-grade graphite at a price and scale viable for use in energy storage devices, coatings and polymers is being commercialised following the establishment of a new […]

“Egg unboiling machine enables graphene battery development”

“Egg unboiling machine enables graphene battery development,” is the headline in Mining Weekly. The article itself says: The Australian researchers who successfully unboiled an egg are turning their attention to capturing the energy of graphene oxide to make a more efficient alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The Flinders University team in South Australia has partnered with Swinburne University of Technology in Victoria, ASX-listed First […]

Egg in Your Eye (podcast 101)

Can the public focus on the medical dangers of egg-throwing at Halloween? A research study explores that very question, and we explore that study, in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. SUBSCRIBE on, iTunes, or Spotify to get a new episode every week, free. This week, Marc Abrahams discusses a published egg-in-your-eye study. Psychologist Jean Berko Gleason lends her voice, and her scientific expertise, and her opinions —with dramatic readings from a research study you […]

Ingredients list for the All-Natural Egg

Chemistry teacher James Kennedy, of the Haileybury Institute in Australia, created this poster that lists the “Ingredients of an All-Natural Egg”. Kennedy says, “This is the last of three posters in the ‘ingredients’ series. I think I’ve made my point. I’ve exhausted it, in fact. Enjoy.” Kennedy’s posters of this sort for other all-natural products include a poster for […]