Ig Nobel Prize-winning research produces tear-less onions

Chemistry research that led to an Ig Nobel Prize has now led to an onion that does not cause tears,  reportedly. The Wall Street Journal‘s JapanRealtime blog reports:

No Crying in the Kitchen: Japan Firm Engineers Tear-Less Onions

House Foods Group Inc. knows its onions.

The Japanese food maker, whose researchers have been studying the chemistry of onions for more than a decade, on Monday said it has developed onions that produce an extremely low amount of enzymes which creates compounds that make so many cooks tear up when chopping the vegetables raw….

House Foods’ researchers won the Ig Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2013 for discovering the biochemical process of how onions brings tears to the eyes. Their study was published in Nature magazine in 2002.

The news is reported in many other places, among Le Pointe, which boasts the headline “Quand les oignons ne nous feront plus pleurer !