Does a herdsman-jilted llama shed tears? [research study]

“Sexual relations between shepherds and the members of their flocks have existed for millennia, leading to the development of a certain type of love between them. The female llama, a ruminant related to the camel, is said by the local people in the Andean high plateau to weep with tears of jealousy when the herdsman […]

Ratto and Bravo on camelids

Today we look back at some too-slightly-celebrated work by Ratto and by Bravo. Ratto on centrifuged artificial llama vagina: “Biochemical isolation and purification of ovulation-inducing factor (OIF) in seminal plasma of llamas,” Marcelo H Ratto [pictured here], Louis TJ Delbaere, Yvonne A Leduc, Roger A Pierson and Gregg P Adams, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 2011; 9: […]