Virtual Reality ‘Teabagging’ – an ‘unlaughing’ matter for hardcore gamers (study)

“First popularized within Halo 2 multiplayer competitive matches, teabagging is a controversial practice where the player’s avatar repeatedly crouches over a defeated player’s ‘body’ in order to simulate rubbing his or her genitals over the avatar’s body” [our hyperlink] By way of a recent essay for the academic journal Games and Culture, the first (and […]

The Teabag Decomposition Initiative

The teabag composition initiative—or, to use its even more formal name, the TeaComposition initiative—aims to measure how fast teabags decompose in different settings. “The advantages of using tea bags to study decomposition,” say the organizers, are, in their words: simple, standardized, cheap and time-efficient method uses commercially available Lipton tea bags tea bags constitute a pre […]