Nude Photos of College Students, for Research or Other Purposes

Many people like to study the nude bodies of other people. This study studied some of those students of student bodies: “Using the student body: College and university students as research subjects in the United States during the twentieth century,” Heather Munro Prescott, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, vol. 57, no. […]

Evaluating Students’ Evaluations of Medical Professors: Are There Cookies?

Some medical schools may be selecting or rejecting faculty members because those individuals do or do not offer cookies to their students. That is a possible conclusion one might draw, after reading this new study done by faculty members: “Availability of cookies during an academic course session affects evaluation of teaching,” Michael Hessler, Daniel M […]

So students use slang?

Do students at the University of Leicester use slang, and do they know they do? Or rather, did they, when they were students during the period 2004-2011? Those are among the questions driving this study: “Slang Used by Students at the University of Leicester (2004–11),” Julie Coleman, in Global English Slang, pp. 61-73. Routledge, 2014. […]

Study: Hold the Chicken (for 10 minutes, if you like)

Another breakthrough discovery about students, cooked chicken, and short time duration: “Analysis of the Effect That Holding Time Has on the Perceived Sensory Quality and Acceptability of Poached Chicken,” Gregory S. Jones, Anderson Bouton, Krystal L. Jones, Andrew C. Cauble, Lightsey Laffitte, Paul Dawson, Julia Sharp & Margaret D. Condrasky, Journal of Culinary Science & […]

What, When, or How Do Students Complain?

There may be no truly satisfactory way to measure how much or how well students complain. But several teams of researchers have tried. One attempted to measure how students complain; another, how they intend to complain. A third team tried to gauge students’ attitudes to complaining. These are not easy to measure well, or consistently. In 2010, David […]

Emotional Gauging of Students via Forehead Wrinkle Extraction

It’s not always easy to gauge whether students have understood lesson content (or not). Perhaps an automated measuring system could be devised – measuring their forehead wrinkles for example? At least two scholarly texts are available for those interested in the possibilities offered by forehead wrinkle evaluation in the classroom. The first is provided by […]

Perceptual Differences Between Hippies and College Students

People do not all perceive things the same way, suggests this study: “Perceptual Differences Between Hippies and College Students,” Robert Brothers [pictured here] and Rosslyn Gaines, Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 9. no. 2, 1973, pp. 325-335. The authors, at UC Berkeley and UC Los Angeles, report: “Perceptual differences were investigated between 50 college students who […]