Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies

The research project “Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies” has received funding to proceed. The work is being done at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Berndt Skiera [pictured here]. The university explains: So far, there exists very little empirical knowledge on the trade-off between […]

Evaluating Students’ Evaluations of Medical Professors: Are There Cookies?

Some medical schools may be selecting or rejecting faculty members because those individuals do or do not offer cookies to their students. That is a possible conclusion one might draw, after reading this new study done by faculty members: “Availability of cookies during an academic course session affects evaluation of teaching,” Michael Hessler, Daniel M […]

Girl Scout Cookies in the Larger Politico-Philosophic Context

Girl Scout cookies, familiar to most residents of the USA, represent more than tasty treats, suggests this Ph.D. thesis: “Smart Cookies: The Gendered Spaces of Labor, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale,” Denise Marie Goerisch, Ph.D. dissertation in Geography, San Diego State University and University of California, Santa Barbara, September, 2013. The author […]

Smellizing Cookies and Salivating

This month’s Smellizing Study of the Month is: “Smellizing Cookies and Salivating: A Focus on Olfactory Imagery,” Aradhna Krishna [pictured here], Maureen Morrin, and Eda Sayin, Journal of Consumer Research, epub 2014. The prolific Mary Ann Twist issued a press release about it: Fashion magazines come pre-loaded with scratch-and-sniff panels for perfume and aftershave, but what […]