An analysis of journal articles winning Ig Nobel prizes during 2011–2020

Dr. Andy Wai Kan Yeung (pictured here, below) of the University of Hong Kong analyzed several years’ worth of Ig Nobel Prize-winning studies. He published a paper telling how he did it, and what he found. You can download the paper. Here’s the citation: “Not just nickel-and-dime: An analysis of journal articles winning Ig Nobel […]

Unanticipated use and value of cigarettes: Endurance training

Cigarettes are useful for different purposes. Perhaps the best purpose is suggested in this study: “Cigarettes may be useful for distance runners?!? (or, How to prove anything with a review article),” Last winter the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a fascinating article by Ken Myers discussing the (as-yet unexamined) benefits of cigarette smoking on endurance […]

Improbable bizarre-studies performance at ARISIA this Saturday

Join us this Saturday, for the Improbable Research session at ARISIA, in Boston. Marc Abrahams will introduce an all-star lineup. The performers will do dramatic, two-minute readings from bizarre studies collected by the Annals of Improbable Research. Each performer will be unfamiliar with the study she or he is reading aloud, aside from skimming through it immediately before the […]