An analysis of journal articles winning Ig Nobel prizes during 2011–2020

Dr. Andy Wai Kan Yeung (pictured here, below) of the University of Hong Kong analyzed several years’ worth of Ig Nobel Prize-winning studies. He published a paper telling how he did it, and what he found. You can download the paper. Here’s the citation:

Not just nickel-and-dime: An analysis of journal articles winning Ig Nobel prize during 2011–2020,” Andy Wai Kan Yeung, Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, vol. 27, no. 1, 2022, pp. 93-99.

The paper reports:

There were 89 Ig Nobel prize-winning journal articles indexed by Scopus. On average, they were cited 42.5 ± 102.4 times, published in journals with mean impact factor of 3.476 ± 4.102, and mentioned 947.3 ± 2887.2 times and 263.2 ± 502.7 times on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Over half of them were published in the first quartile journals and awarded within 2 years since publication.Though Ig Nobel prize was originally intended to be satirical, prize-winning articles themselves were indeed impactful in the academia.

It has been suggested that “mentioned 947.3 ± 2887.2 times” is a statistical rarity worth pondering.