Evaluating an app which nags users to apologize to their phones

Building (in part) on previous research into the potential benefits of superfluous apologies, researchers Alice Lam, Randy Hsu and Ivan Lobachev of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada, decided to investigate whether it might be possible to increase phone users’ “emotional connection” with their phone, by nudging them to […]

Superfluous apologies – an easy-to-use tool for social influencers?

Superfluous Apologies have been defined as : “Expressions of regret for an undesirable circumstance that is clearly outside of one’s control.” That’s according to the Decision Processes Lab at the Operations, Information and Decisions Department, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania, US, which has recently found, by experiment, that : “Superfluous apologies represent a […]

Phantom Phone Sensations (update)

Following our earlier article regarding Phantom Phone Sensations (i.e. the sensation that one’s phone is ringing when in reality isn’t) we can now draw attention to a more recent research project from professor Robert Rosenberger of the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy, Atlanta, US. He writes, in Computers in Human Behavior, 52 […]

Intimacy and Smartphone Multitasking—A New Oxymoron?

If you are sometimes tempted to ask “What is the relationship between smartphone multitasking and romantic intimacy?” may we recommend a paper in Psychological Reports, August 5, 2016, entitled : Intimacy and Smartphone Multitasking—A New Oxymoron? “This research suggests that smartphone multitasking has a negative association with face-to-face interactions. People should attend to the costs […]

Determinants of Phantom Phone Sensations (PPSs)

Do you own a mobile phone? Do you sometimes think there’s a call when actually there isn’t? If so, that might well be a Phantom Phone Sensation (PPS). Leading, perhaps, to the question :’What are the determinants of phantom phone sensations?’ These (fairly) ubiquitous phenomena have been formally investigated by a research team at the […]

Phoning during a thunderstorm – Unrecommended

“Is it dangerous to make a landline phone call during a thunderstorm?” It can be. Background is provided by Emeritus Professor Mat Darveniza, AO, FTSE, BE, PhD, DEng, Hon DSc (Eng), FIEAust (Hon), FIEEE (life), FTSE, LIVA, from the University of Queensland Australia – who is a leading authority on lightning strikes. In Australia alone […]

The cost of a phone agent’s smile

Humans who answer the phones in call centers are, in many organizations, requested or even required to smile, smile, smile. A team of researchers at Goethe-University Frankfurt in Germany and the University of Denver ran an experiment to see what this forced smiling does to the forced smilers…. —so begins today’s Improbable Innovation nugget, which appears in its entirety on […]