Awaiting the press release for the press release exaggerations study

We are eager to see the press release (if there is one) that heralds this research study: “Exaggerations and Caveats in Press Releases and Health-Related Science News,” Petroc Sumner, Solveiga Vivian-Griffiths, Jacky Boivin, Andrew Williams, Lewis Bott, Rachel Adams, Christos A. Venetis, Leanne Whelan, Bethan Hughes, and Christopher D. Chambers, PLoS One, vol. 11, no. 12, […]

OUTSTANDING PRESS RELEASE of the Year: “Most Loved Injector”

Here is the verbatim text of the OUTSTANDING PRESS RELEASE of the Year: Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 9:41:29 AM Pacific Standard Time From: Michelle Thompson Boston’s beloved facial injector, Dr. Onir Spiegel, was the only doctor in Massachusetts named as RealSelf’s “Most Loved Injector Award for 2017.” RealSelf received over 20,000 nominations nationwide, and […]

PR of the week: Video game-playing might cause Alzheimer’s disease

This week’s Impressively-Complicated-Chain-of-Logic Press Release of the Week implies that playing video games might cause Alzheimer’s disease. Or, more precisely, it says that no one has ruled out the possibility that playing video games causes or might cause Alzheimer’s disease. It’s complicated. McGill University issued the press release, which says: “For more than a decade now, […]

PR headline: “Can HIV Be Transmitted Via Manicure Instruments?”

This week’s PRESS RELEASE HEADLINE OF THE WEEK is: Can HIV Be Transmitted Via Manicure Instruments? The headline gleams atop a press release from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers, dated November 10, 2014. The meat of the press release, the lead sentence of its culminating paragraph, is: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers is a privately held, fully integrated […]

PR headline of week: “Attractive Men Have Less Nasal Bacteria”

This week’s Press Release Headline of the Week is from a press release pumped out for the American Journal of Human Biology: Beauty & Bacteria: Slim, Attractive Men Have Less Nasal Bacteria than Heavy Men (Thanks to investigator Erwin Kompanje for bringing this to our attention.) BONUS: For students with a strong mental stomach: Read […]

Press Release of the Week: “Reduced cognitive control in passionate lovers”

This week’s Press Release of the Week was released into the wild by Leiden University. Here are its headline and highlights: Reduced cognitive control in passionate lovers People who are in love are less able to focus and to perform tasks that require attention. Researcher Henk van Steenbergen [pictured here] concludes this, together with colleagues […]