For social scientists: Two advertisements

Anthropologists, psychologists, and other ists can study these two advertisements for clues about the human condition: 1. Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit [background]: [vimeo]76495913[/vimeo] 2. PowerPencils (thanks to investigator Vaughn Tan for bringing this to our attention) [background]: BONUS: Bob Godfrey’s Do-It-Yourself Animation Show: Terry Gilliam BONUS: Artisanal pencil sharpening  

A knighthood for Geim—he of frogs, magnets & pencils

The man [pictured here] who was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize for using magnets to levitate a frog (a feat he accomplished together with a man who already had a knighthood) and then ten years later was awarded a Nobel Prize for having used scotch tape to tease graphene layers from a pencil, has now been […]