Chewable tops for writing instruments [patent]

“Statistics show that half the world population chews pens, markers and pencils.”

If one happens to be in that 50%, then why not put the habit to good use? For example by using pens or pencils (or other writing instruments) with interchangeable flavoured caps? Or even ones with, say, dental whitening agents? In either case – explains US patent 7131785 :

“The cap may be inserted into the mouth of a user for chewing.“

And, furthermore, there’s a feature that perhaps has even greater resonance nowadays than when the patent was issued in 2006 :

“Additionally, the chewable attachment may have a protective cover to prevent the chewable attachment from contamination from dirt and bacteria during non-use.”

Note : The patent’s official title may be a source of confusion. It should very probably read ‘Chewable Top for a Writing Instrument‘ rather than ‘Chewable Top for a Wiring Instrument‘.

Update (13 Aug)

Reader/researcher Andrew.Mytelka has kindly provided documentation which shows that the concept of flavoured writing instruments was in existence at least four decades before the patent was issued. The scan below is from a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl, 1964, p.120)

Research research by Martin Gardiner