Pencil drawings as theremin components

“Imagine you could draw musical instruments on normal paper with any pencil (cheap circuit thumb-tacked on) and then play them with your finger,” say Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum at the MIT Media Lab. Drawdio (“draw audio”) is a cheap tool that lets you “play” any pencil drawing (no matter where you’ve drawn it) as you would play a theremin. Here’s cutesy video:

[HT @RichardWiseman]

BONUS: A now-more conventional form of theramin. This video shows Mr. Theremin, who invented the instrument that shares his name, playing his invention:

BONUS: One nifty gee-whiz aspect you can tout: a pencil drawing is essentially a few layers of the now-storied substance called graphene—the 2-dimensional form of carbon. Some pencil scratchings and some scotch tape (not to mention a magnet and a levitated frog) elevated Andre Geim to fame not so long ago.

BONUS: Investigator (and LFHCfS member) Richard Rae alerts us to this video of a Japanese toy that uses much the same principles: