Learning Quiz: The value of this beauty question

This week’s Learning-Quiz question: What, if anything, could the authors of this study possibly have hoped to learn from doing this study? The study is: “What is beautiful is good, even online: Correlations between photo attractiveness and text attractiveness in men’s online dating profiles“, Rebecca J. Brand, Abigail Bonatsos, Rebecca D’Orazio, Hilary DeShong, Computers in […]

Instruction for those who would behave too rationally

Ig Nobel Prize winner Dan Ariely is teaching a new online course called “A beginner’s guide to irrational behavior.” Perhaps irrationally, it’s free. Ariely and colleagues Rebecca L. Waber, Baba Shiv, and Ziv Carmon were awarded the 2008 Ig Nobel Prize in medicine for  demonstrating that high-priced fake medicine is more effective than low-priced fake medicine. [REFERENCE: “Commercial Features of Placebo […]

Psychologists’ verdict (and so on) on online dating

The American Psychological Association has lots to say about the online dating industry, and is rushing to say it just as Valentine’s Day approaches: 1. A press release: PRESS RELEASE February 6, 2012 — For Immediate Release Grading The Online Dating Industry New Scientific Report Finds Some Positives, Many Areas for Improvement The report card […]

Offerings online — analysis

Tammy Castle of James Madison University and Jenifer Lee of Texas A&M International University analyzed how prostitution is adapting to the Internet: “Ordering sex in cyberspace: a content analysis of escort websites,” International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 11, No. 1, 107-121 (2008). They report: “The purpose of this study was to uncover information about […]