Learning Quiz: The value of this beauty question

This week’s Learning-Quiz question: What, if anything, could the authors of this study possibly have hoped to learn from doing this study? The study is: “What is beautiful is good, even online: Correlations between photo attractiveness and text attractiveness in men’s online dating profiles“, Rebecca J. Brand, Abigail Bonatsos, Rebecca D’Orazio, Hilary DeShong, Computers in […]

How to gamble if you’re in a hurry, colorfully

The trio of Ekhad, Georgiadis and Zeilberger evidently had a good time writing this statistico-mathematical paper: “How to Gamble If You’re In a Hurry“ Shalosh B. Ekhad, Evangelos Georgiadis, Doron Zeilberger [pictured here] arXiv:1112.1645, Dec 7, 2011 “The beautiful theory of statistical gambling, started by Dubins and Savage (for subfair games) and continued by Kelly and Breiman (for superfair […]

Brooklyn welcomes Ig winner polymath

Brooklyn College announces: Polymath in Residence at Brooklyn College Do chickens prefer attractive people? The answer is yes, according to Stefano Ghirlanda, the new Carol L. Zicklin Chair in the Honors Academy at Brooklyn College. A researcher on the psychology faculty of the University of Bologna, Italy, Ghirlanda joined the college community in September, and […]