A logical calculus of vomit stink, gay marriage, and political leaning

The logic and scope of this new study perhaps offer lessons for researchers in every field: “Disgust and the Politics of Sex: Exposure to a Disgusting Odorant Increases Politically Conservative Views on Sex and Decreases Support for Gay Marriage,” Thomas G. Adams, Patrick A. Stewart [pictured here], John C. Blanchar, PLoS ONE, 9(5), May 5, 2014, e95572. […]

The tomatoic under-arm odour of J.C.M. Stewart

J.C.M. Stewart conveys an unusual kind of information in this medical paper: “Tomatoes cause under-arm odour,” J.C.M. Stewart, Medical Hypotheses, vol. 82 (2014) pp. 518–521. (Thanks to Jean-François Sauvé for bringing this to our attention.) The author, in Downpatrick, Co Down, Northern Ireland, explains: “I was more than usually aware of my AO [armpit odor] […]

“Zebrafish… also find these scents disgusting”

Danielle Venton writes in the PNAS First Look Blog: Geneticists and cell biologists from the University of Cologne in Germany and Harvard University have found that zebrafish, a vertebrate model animal, also find these scents disgusting. The phrase “these scents” refers to the personal odors of the socially-isolating chemical cadaverine [the structure of which is pictured here] […]

Profiling the Nasal Ranger ® (for field sniffers)

Imagine that you are employed as a professional field sniffer. That is, a person who has the job of attempting to identify and quantify odours, quite literally in the field. Think: agricultural, industrial and natural. But there is an inherent problem  – however keen your olfactory expertise, when you’re immersed in problematic stinky air, where […]

The Further Adventures of The Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand

Lively, if not entirely cheerful, debate can be provoked by mentioning this study done by a researcher at the Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand: “Effect of Stress-Related Changes in Sheepmeat Ultimate pH on Cooked Odor and Flavor,” T.J. Braggins, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 1996, 44 (8), pp 2352–2360: “In this study […]

To sleep, perchance to smell, perchance to create, maybe

One might, maybe inaccurately, sum up this new study by saying, “Put this in your pipe and sleep on it”. The study is: “Good morning creativity: task reactivation during sleep enhances beneficial effect of sleep on creative performance,” Simone Ritter, Madelijn Strick, Maarten Bos, Rick Van Baaren, Ap Dijksterhuis [pictured here], Journal of Sleep Research, epub […]