Littlewood’s Law (of miracles-per-month)

Wikipedia describes Littlewood’s Law: Littlewood’s Law, or adage, states that an individual can expect to experience “miracles” at the rate of about one per month. The law was framed by Cambridge University Professor J. E. Littlewood, and published in a 1986 collection of his work, A Mathematician’s Miscellany. It seeks among other things to debunk one element of supposed supernatural phenomenology […]

A loving, applied mathematical tribute across a generation

L. Mahadevan, who was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in physics for studying how sheets get wrinkled, wrote a loving tribute, a few months ago, to his teacher Joseph Keller [pictured here]. Keller is a two-time Ig Nobel Prize winner. The entire essay appears in SIAM News. Here are snippets: Joe Keller’s contributions to the […]

Hamburger moments for mathematicians

Two tasty studies, for mathematicians who enjoy this sort of thing: 1. “ON THE BACKWARD EXTENSION OF POSITIVE DEFINITE HAMBURGER MOMENT SEQUENCES,” Fred M. Wright, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 7, 1956, pp. 413-22. 2. “An Extended Hamburger Moment Problem,” Olav Njåstad [pictured here], Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (Series 2) (1985), 28 […]