‘Welcome to My Brain’ (paper)

Dr. Anne Beate Reinertsen PhD is associate professor and post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Education at Nord-Trøndelag University College, Norway. The professor welcomes you to her brain. She offers you this explanation in her paper entitled : ‘Welcome to My Brain’ (in: Qualitative Inquiry, July 12, 2013) “This is about developing recursive, intrinsic, […]

The Mobius oyster perspective

If you want a 19th century biology professor’s perspective on oysters, twisted or untwisted, you would do well to consult the works of Professor Karl August Möbius, especially his book Die Auster und die Austernwirthschaft. NOTE: Do not confuse Professor Karl August Möbius with August Ferdinand Möbius, the man credited with discovering the Möbius strip.

Mobius money advice

Would you welcome financial advice, twisted or untwisted, from a man named Mark Mobius? An October 5, 2009 Moneysense article implies that you should. It says: APAFS Chairman, Gerard Cruz added, “Having Dr. Mobius speak about emerging markets is like having Bill Gates speak about the future of computer systems.  Powerful people pay to listen […]