Knitting Mathematics

Knitted_TorusThe recent Improbable article : ‘Welcome to My Brain‘ profiled the work of Dr. Anne Beate Reinertsen PhD, whose paper ‘Welcome to My Brain’ explained the process of ‘Neuroknitting’ – in particular the knitting of Möbius Bands. In this respect the paper cites the work of Dr. Sarah-marie Belcastro (Research Associate at Smith College and a guest faculty member at Sarah Lawrence College), who is a leading proponent mathematical knitting, and who provides instruction in the tricky concept of knitting Möbius Bands here. The page forms part of Dr. Sarah-marie Belcastro’s extensive website which is not only devoted to Mathematical Knitting  in general (Hyperbolic planes, pseudospheres, orthogonal double-holed tori [pictured above] , Y x I twist cowls and many more) but also examines Discrete Mathematics with Ducks.

ALSO Don’t Miss: The work of Vi Hart (resident mathemusician at the Khan Academy) who is a leading expert in Mathematical Balloon Twisting and investigates Möbius Worlds.