The puzzling world of virtual snacks

From New Scientist‘s Feedback column: Michael Harvey tells us he is munching from a packet of Walkers Thai sweet chilli flavour crisps (chips, transatlantically). The packet proudly proclaims: “made with real ingredients”, and Michael wonders what the alternative is. Within the hour Paul Gardner writes with an answer, inspired by a packet of poppadoms from […]

Why they make products smell

From New Scientist‘s Feedback column: HAVE you wondered why manufacturers have taken to adding scents to more and more consumer products – including car tyres (28 March 2009)? If so, a study in the US Journal of Consumer Research, has this answer: “Product scent may be particularly effective at enhancing memory for product information as […]

Medical attention for Tikosyn

From New Scientist‘s Feedback column: A fact sheet for the heart drug Tikosyn advises: “Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Tikosyn: Severe allergic reactions… fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat; fainting; heart attack; pale stool; paralysis; pounding in the chest; stopping of the heart; sudden death; yellowing […]