Ig Nobels in my column this week in New Scientist

This week’s Feedback column (that I write) in New Scientist magazine is about the new Ig Nobel Prize winners.

The Feedback column was created and edited by John Hoyland. I first knew Feedback (and John’s work) as a subscriber to New Scientist. Every year the column would have an especially fun and interesting writeup of the new Ig Nobel Prize winners. I had created the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony in 1991. It was a special treat to me to see how John and his colleagues, in Feedback, would write them up. John and I became friends and frequent collaborators.

It is now many years since John Hoyland died. Last year I became the person who creates the Feedback column every week . The week of the year when I get to write about the new Ig Nobel Prize winners has become a special pleasure.

This week’s column comes with the headline “Ig Nobel prizes 2023: Rock licking and other unlikely winners” and the subheadline “From eating fossils to reanimating dead spiders for use as mechanical gripping tools, this year’s Ig Nobel prizes, for science that ‘makes people laugh, then think’, are unveiled“. I hope you enjoy it.