A Drink Can Be Too Cool: The Lethal Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

Cocktails can be ultra-chilling. This medical report provides evidence to that effect: “A lethal cocktail: gastric perforation following liquid nitrogen ingestion,” James Scott Pollard, Joanne Elizabeth Simpson, Moatasiem Idris Bukhari, BMJ Case Reports, 2013;10.1136/bcr-2012-007769. The authors, at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary [pictured below], Lancaster, UK, write: “We report a case of gastric perforation in an […]

Contemplating death — not so bad after all

Some might jump to the conclusion that ruminating about death and destruction is a major downer – with potentially deleterious consequences for individuals and society at large. But a joint US/Dutch research team have published findings which shine a positive beam of light into this potentially murky area. With the sombre implications of Terror Management […]

Your Money or Your Life: The perils of having an income

A steady paycheck has a slightly unfortunate side-effect, two researchers intimate (intimidatingly): It just might kill you. People who have money are more likely to spend money, they say—and, while doing so, engage in activities that could convert them into mortality statistics. “The Short-Term Mortality Consequences of Income Receipt,” William N. Evans (pictured), Timothy J. Moore, The National […]

Copious Deaths, and the Greatness of Presidents

Large numbers of deaths may be good for an American president’s reputation, suggests this new study: “War and Presidential Greatness,” David R. Henderson (Naval Postgraduate School) and Zachary Gochenour [pictured here] (George Mason University), SSRN working paper #2029774, March 27, 2012. The authors explain: “Historians and journalists commonly survey other historians on the relative ‘greatness’ […]

Autopsy of a snowman & Dr. Butt’s patterns of deaths

Video of an autopsy of a snowman (via onetruemedia, HT Jennifer Ouellette): BUTT: For general background to this phenomenon, we recommend Dr Butt’s study: “Patterns of death among avalanche fatalities: a 21-year review,” Jeff Boyd, MBBS, Pascal Haegeli, PhD, Riyad B. Abu-Laban, MD MHSc, Michael Shuster, MD, John C. Butt, MD CM, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2009 […]