Creator of ‘Stalin World’ still alive

Luckily, Vilumas Malinauskus, winner of the 2001 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for creating the amusement park popularly known as “Stalin World,” in Lithuania was not murdered today. That fate met Vasily Bukhtiyenko, who set up the Stalin museum in 2005 in Volgograd, previously called Stalingrad. According to a Reuters report he was electrocuted and bludgeoned […]

Detroit Doctors: D for Death

Two doctors in Detroit say the letter “D’ foreshadows death: “Athletes, Doctors, and Lawyers with First Names Beginning with ‘D’ Die Sooner,” Ernest L. Abel and Michael L. Kruger, Death Studies, vol. 34, no. 1, January 2010 , pp. 71-81 The authors, at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, report: “a possible explanation for the association […]

Slemrod sees US tax/death experiment

Ig Nobel Prize winner Joel Slemrod (of the University of Michigan) celebrates/rues/assesses a grand US government experiment that will test his prize-winning theory: A few years ago I called Marc Abrahams offering to return my 2001 Ig Nobel Prize in economics (won jointly with Wojciech Kopczuk [of Columbia University). Our prize-winning research showed that when […]