A Stress-Testing Machine to Gently Grasp a Jellyfish

A new era dawns, perhaps, in how humans try and perhaps succeed in gently handling squishy marine animals. A new study gives details. “Ultra-gentle soft robotic fingers induce minimal transcriptomic response in a fragile marine animal,” Michael Tessler, Mercer R. Brugler, John A. Burns, Nina R. Sinatra, Daniel M. Vogt, Anand Varma, Madelyne Xiao, Robert […]

The automatic diaper-changing machine is now in development

BabyWasher, the automatic dirty-diaper-changing invention, honored by the 2019 Ig Nobel Prize for engineering, now has a name, and is now undergoing intense development. You can follow the progress by visiting the inventor’s new web site, BabyWashers.com. The BabyWashers site explains: What Does BabyWasher Do? After placing the baby in the BabyWasher’s chair and pressing […]

Pass the salt (A Rube Goldbergian machine)

The video above is styled after the roundabout-action machines designed, a few generations ago, by cartoonist Rube Goldberg. This one was designed by Joseph’s Machines. (Thanks to Bob Rosa for bringing the video to our attention.) Meanwhile, Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter is overseeing a contest to build a supremely inefficient hand-washing machine. Hilarie M. Sheets of […]