Dead reckoning as to whether cats (or dogs) have exactly nine lives

How long does a cat last, statistically speaking? This study cast a cold eye on that question: “Epidemiological studies on the expectation of life for cats computed from animal cemetery records,” H. Hayashidani, Y. Omi, M. Ogawa, and K. Fukutomi, Nihon juigaku zasshi, The Japanese journal of veterinary science, vol. 51, no. 5, 1989, pp. […]

The ubiquity of dead mules in Southern literature

Jerry Leath Mills [pictured here] reigns as the unchallenged authority on the subject of dead mules in 20th-century American southern literature. Professor Mills established his reputation – almost instantly – in 1996, with the publication of a long essay called “Equine Gothic: The Dead Mule as Generic Signifier in Southern Literature of the Twentieth Century”. […]