Haute-Cultural-Scientifical Direct-Brain-Stimulation of a Peak-Cultural (Proustian) Pastime

This newly published study may by the most impressive—in some senses—academic publication of our time: “The ‘Proust Phenomenon’: odor-evoked autobiographical memories triggered by direct amygdala stimulation in human,” Fabrice Bartolomei, Stanislas Lagarde, Samuel Médina Villalon, Aileen McGonigal, and Christian G. Benar, Cortex, epub December 18, 2016. The authors write: Vivid memories triggered by odors were […]

The Three Dimensions of Fresh Air

The Journal of Material Culture  is “concerned with the relationship between artefacts and social relations irrespective of time and place”. And, as part of this remit, the June 2013 issue of features one of the few academic studies of ‘Fresh Air’. ‘The air from outside: Getting to know the world through air practices’. “The article […]

Culture: The spectacular anus of Joseph Pujol

Scholars in the field of cultural studies have curiosity that is wide-ranging. Witness this new study: “The spectacular anus of Joseph Pujol: Recovering the Pétomane’s unique historic context,” Alison Moore [pictured here], French Cultural Studies, vol. 24, no. 1, February 2013,  pp. 27-43. The author, at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, explains: “Joseph Pujol, […]

Coffee people baffled, bemused by science people

The coffee-centric web site Sprudge.com seems somewhere between baffled and bemused at the Ig Nobel audience reaction. They write: Ig Nobel Prize “Chemist In A Coffee Shop” Mini-Opera Baffling. We thought we knew nerds. But these nerds out-nerd the nerdiest nerds we’ve ever dreamed existed. These are opera singing nerds. These are nerds that throw paper […]