Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement

“Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement” feature in the brochure for this event: “Frontiers in Vehicle Safety Technology and Testing — A one-day seminar/workshop,” Engineers Australia’s Injury Biomechanics National Panel, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, National Convention Centre Adelaide, Australia. The brochure for the event explains: “Rear seats are not a copy of front seats. The enhanced […]

Podcast #33: Make sure colonoscopy patients will not explode

Chimpanzees recognizing photographs of the rear ends of other chimpanzees;  colonoscopy patients who explode, and the patent for the bagel-making machine — all these all turn up in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. Click on the “Venetian blinds” icon — at the lower right corner here — to select whichever week’s episode you want to hear: SUBSCRIBE on, iTunes, or Spotify […]

Pippa Middleton’s backside – the Freudian and Marxist interpretations

The scholarly community, a portion of it anyway, is diving ever-deeper in the analysis of the rear end of the sister of the wife of the man whose father’s mother sits on the throne of the United Kingdom. The interest has spread westward, to the Republic of Ireland. Ireland has no monarch, and thus does […]

Gluteal Aesthetic Unit Classification

“The idea of an aesthetically pleasing gluteal region has been with us since early recorded history. The ancient Greeks had nomenclature to describe an aesthetically pleasant buttock area: callipygian is derived from calli, meaning beautiful, and pyge, meaning buttocks.” But, when it comes to surgical buttock re-contouring, not everyone’s idea of callipygia is the same. […]

Self-inflicted: Squirrel Tissue Embedded with Birdshot in His Butt

Another apparent first in the history of medicine (brought to our attention by Sarah Wickline, writing in MedPage Today): “Gunshot Wound Contamination with Squirrel Tissue: Wound Care Considerations,” Porter W. Maerz, Tricia B. Falgiani, and Robyn M. Hoelle [pictured here], Case Reports in Emergency Medicine, vol. 2014 (2014), Article ID 342914. The authors, at the University of […]

A subject-specific model of human buttocks

Specific buttocks get a thorough analysis in this study: “A subject-specific model of human buttocks and thighs in a seated posture,” Rami M.A. Al-Dirini, Matthew Reed, Gunther Paul, Gunther and Dominic Thewlis,  in 7th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics, ACAM 7, 9-12 December 2012, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA. “MR image processing was conducted to both […]

Buttock and breast ogling: Britain vs. Argentina

Sex clearly drives Britain and Argentina as they vie to dominate islands of interest. The two great nations are rivals in producing academic studies of whether and how people stare at women’s breasts or buttocks. Britain fired the first shot in this war. In 2007, Adrian Furnham [pictured here] and Viren Swami of University College London published […]