Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement

“Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement” feature in the brochure for this event:

engineersauscorp_logo“Frontiers in Vehicle Safety Technology and Testing — A one-day seminar/workshop,” Engineers Australia’s Injury Biomechanics National Panel, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, National Convention Centre Adelaide, Australia. The brochure for the event explains:

“Rear seats are not a copy of front seats. The enhanced safety technology such as antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement, force limiters, pretensioners, side airbags, enhanced seatbelt geometry, are not currently required by regulation in rear seats. Also they are not assessed in consumer programs. As a result, any flow on of improved safety technology for front seats is almost entirely a matter of voluntary application by the vehicle industry. In many of the more popular vehicles, rear seat safety technology lags several decades behind front seats.”

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