Method to Improve Rats’ Skill at Driving Cars [research study]

Driver education for rats—and how to improve it—is the subject of this new study: “Enriched Environment Exposure Accelerates Rodent Driving Skills,” L.E. Crawford, L.E. Knouse, M. Kent, D. Vavra, O. Harding, D. LeServe, N. Fox, X. Hu, P. Li, Clark Glory, and Kelly G. Lambert [pictured here], Behavioural Brain Research, epub 2019. The authors, at […]

Bugs crashed into cars might help cars not crash into bigger things

The bugs research that won Mark Hostetler an Ig Nobel Prize in 1997 is now, two decades later, finding new uses. A news report in Forbes magazine explains: Ford Launches Bugs At Sensors Because Keeping Them Clean Is Crucial For Self-Driving Cars To address this, Venky Krishnan,  Ford Autonomous Vehicle Systems Core Supervisor and his team consulted […]

Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement

“Antisubmarining pans for buttocks engagement” feature in the brochure for this event: “Frontiers in Vehicle Safety Technology and Testing — A one-day seminar/workshop,” Engineers Australia’s Injury Biomechanics National Panel, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, National Convention Centre Adelaide, Australia. The brochure for the event explains: “Rear seats are not a copy of front seats. The enhanced […]