New research on the fluid dynamics of the Boston Molasses Flood

A new scientific analysis aims to understand the fluid dynamics of the Boston Molasses Flood. The bursting of an enormous (about 2 million gallons) tank of molasses created one of the biggest disasters ever to hit that city. Although it happened almost a century ago — on January 15, 1919 — there’s been only a vague scientific understanding of […]

Global Warming and the Boston Marathon, Scientificalistically

Global warming will and/or will not affect many things. The 2013 Boston Marathon happens next Monday, April 14. This study implies that global warming will and/or will not measurably affect the results: “Effects of Warming Temperatures on Winning Times in the Boston Marathon,” Abraham J. Miller-Rushing, Richard B. Primack [pictured here], Nathan Phillips, Robert K. Kaufmann, […]