Global Warming and the Boston Marathon, Scientificalistically

Global warming will and/or will not affect many things. The 2013 Boston Marathon happens next Monday, April 14. This study implies that global warming will and/or will not measurably affect the results: “Effects of Warming Temperatures on Winning Times in the Boston Marathon,” Abraham J. Miller-Rushing, Richard B. PrimackĀ [pictured here], Nathan Phillips, Robert K. Kaufmann, […]

The naked therapist, and his suit

The father of nude psychotherapy could boast about his suit. His lawsuit, that is. Case Briefs explains, tersely: Bindrim v. Mitchell Citation. 444 U.S. 984 100 S. Ct. 490 62 L. Ed. 2d 412 1979 U.S. Brief Fact Summary. The Defendants were Gwen Mitchell (Ms. Mitchell) and Doubleday Publishing (Defendants). Ms. Mitchell wrote a novel […]